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McCloskey Specialized Residential Treatment Program

ID# 00A10217

Designed to meet OCFS’s Hard To Place Residential Service standards, this intensive treatment component of our residential program provides the developmentally appropriate therapeutic services and program coordination needed for youth with significant child trauma, serious mental health issues, complex medical issues, or treatment needs specific to fire related behaviors, sexually harmful behaviors, sexual victimization experiences or a combination of these issues. CSE residentially referred youth in Junior High School with significant educational and emotional disabilities can be served as well. Our McCloskey STP unit offers this clinically supervised intensive developmentally and age appropriate program for our youngest and most vulnerable residents, typically youth ages 11-14 who are often socially immature, highly traumatized, on the autism spectrum and/or developmentally delayed.

Interventions provided include:

  • Access to all of the treatment services and opportunities described on the Overview pages.
  • Developmentally appropriate individualized treatment planning informed by the use of empirically based trauma and risk assessment instruments.
  • Opportunities to experience age appropriate entertainment, recreation, hobbies, and activities designed to enhance self-esteem, build resiliency, enhance emotional regulation and coping skills, improve confidence, and inspire realistic, meaningful future aspirations.
  • Developmentally appropriate individual, group, and family therapies coordinated by highly credentialed clinicians specifically tailored to presenting problems.
  • Intensive psychiatric and psychological services.
  • Family engagement and treatment components designed to strengthen relationships, sustain bonds, and empower parents / guardians to develop the skills necessary to support their child’s positive growth and development through adolescence.
  • Multi-Family Group sessions focused on common family issues, parent education, and providing a safe environment for youth with complex needs, surrounding sexually harmful behaviors and victimization.
  • Careful ongoing coordination with treatment teams across all residential, educational, medical, and recreational program areas.
  • Use of expressive arts, Adventure Based Learning, and psycho-educational programming with youth and their families to support treatment goal attainment.
  • Components of Sensory Integration to provide children with external strategies to enhance self-control, emotional stability, and comfort which soothes the fight, flight, freeze reactions to potentially triggering thoughts and experiences.

LaSalle School does not discriminate in admissions and the provision of services and programs with respect to race, national origin, or religion.