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General Referral Information

La Salle School works with adolescent males and their families between the ages of 12-18, who are in grades 6-12, and who are experiencing significant difficulties in their home, school, or community.

  • La Salle is an open campus, set in a neighborhood community in Albany, NY.
  • Our intake process assesses whether the array of treatment services we have available can address the needs of the youth and his family, in order to improve their quality of life.
  • Referrals from social services, family courts, or school districts can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to Jessica Repko, Director of Intake and Aftercare (see below).

We are committed to making this process as convenient as possible.
We are strength-based, family-centered, and culturally-sensitive in our approach to children and families.

In order to properly determine if the student is an appropriate candidate for our treatment programs, we benefit from having the opportunity to review the following materials:

  • Brief explanation of why placement is needed
  • Pre-Dispositional Investigation (PDI) if Probation is involved
  • FASPs if case in open on Connections
  • CPS information (if applicable)
  • School transcripts and most recent report card
  • School behavior reports
  • Committee on Special Education (CSE) information and current IEP (if applicable)
  • Psychosocial, Psychological, and Psychiatric Evaluations
  • List of current medications (if applicable)
  • Any additional information, not specifically requested, that would be useful in determining placement potential
  • Be sure to let us know how best to contact you

If the review of this material indicates he may be a candidate for our program, our Intake Team will schedule a PPI (Pre-Placement Interview) with the student, his family, and the referring providers. Our goal in this interview is to gather any additional information to help determine if we as a treatment agency can meet / address their individual and familial needs.

*** Our hope is to become part of the solution for children and families, not ANOTHER failure ***

During the PPI, the Intake Team will:

  • Explain the array of programs and treatment services offered by LaSalle School
  • Answer any questions pertaining to the services of LaSalle School
  • Discuss the events leading to the student’s possible placement, and explore options presently available to them.
  • Provide written materials explaining each of the programs that the student may be entering, and any / all authorization forms that will need parental signature, upon admission.
  • Explore initial and short-term goals, as well as strategies that may facilitate progress towards attaining both individual and familial goals.
  • Whenever possible, we conduct the interview on-campus to provide the student and his family the opportunity to tour the campus, and meet with staff. This has proven to be a key step toward early engagement.
  • Complete initial trauma and substance abuse screening(s) if applicable.

The team involved at Intake considers numerous factors including, but not limited to, the degree of aggression and other key risk concerns, number of and range of criminal activities, peer relationships, level of community adjustment, motivation for treatment, substance abuse history, family cooperation, significance of mental health concerns, and other prognostic indicators.

The parents / caretakers are also assessed for their ability to support treatment, any ongoing physical abuse, the family’s adjustment to the community, and their thoughts on treatment. We will welcome all questions or concerns that the family has throughout the process.

We understand the stressors for the child and his family, and remain available to assist everyone involved in managing this difficult transition.

During ADMISSION, the Intake Team will:

  • Facilitate the student’s introduction to his Social Work team, and any available support staff.
  • Show the student the location of his living unit, and introduce him to staff.
  • Allow the student to call home, or ensure that a phone pass is in place for that evening.
  • Oversee the initial transition, and support the student as needed.
  • Complete an Individual Crises Management Plan (ICMP) with the student, to assist staff in adapting to the individuality of his needs.
  • We provide everything he needs for his first night (i.e. bedding, personal hygiene products, etc.)
  • Our residential team will conduct an I AM SAFE interview designed to help him feel more comfortable and supported here.

UPON ADMISSION, we will need:

  • Family Court order / Violation orders
  • School attendance records
  • Immunization records
  • Health records, including most recent physical
  • Medical insurance information, ID#, and sequence# (copy of card)
  • All signed authorizations
  • Copy of SS card, and copy of birth certificate
  • Information regarding current medications
  • Contact information for family

To make a referral to the Residential Treatment Program, contact:

Jessica Repko, LCSW-R
Director of Admissions
LaSalle School
391 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203
518-242-4731 ext. 219

To make a referral to the Day Education Program, contact:

Jessica Repko, LCSW-R
Director of Admissions
LaSalle School
391 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203
518-242-4731 ext. 219

To make a referral to the Juvenile Reporting and Family Center, contact:

Ian Spencer
Director of Juvenile Reporting and Family Center
LaSalle School
391 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203
518-242-4731 ext. 336

LaSalle School does not discriminate in admissions and the provision of services and programs with respect to race, national origin, or religion.