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Information For Day Education Students

Students who are experiencing significant difficulties in their school can be referred to Day Services at LaSalle School. Your school, your county caseworker, or your probation officer might contact LaSalle and ask us if you can attend our school. We’re an all boys school with grades 6-12. Classes here cover the same material that public school classes cover, so you will continue to make progress towards a High School diploma when you come to LaSalle School. With small classes, good teachers, and school staff to help you stay focused, you have an opportunity to work on the issues which have been giving you trouble at school. We’re very proud of our work with our students and their families, and look forward to providing you and your family with a positive and helpful experience.

Some questions students have when they first come to LaSalle:

Q: What kind of helpful things happen at LaSalle School?

A: You’ll have a Counselor who will work with you 1:1 to look at what kinds of things you need to learn to do differently so you can return to public school and do better. Our teachers are experienced teaching students who have had difficulty paying attention in class, following the rules, and doing the coursework. The small classes give you a chance to get extra support and attention from the teacher. We try and group students who have similar skills, so you are not too far behind or ahead of your classmates. You will be able to take all the subjects you need to progress to your ext grade in school. You will get help developing better anger management skills, interacting appropriately with peers, asking for help when you need it, making good decisions, using good problem solving skills, and taking responsibility for your actions.

Q: Is it a real school?

A: LaSalle School is approved and certified by the New York State Education Department to provide educational services to students in grades 6-12. Our departmentalized program has course offerings designed to meet all of the requirements at t hose grade levels. You take the same statewide testing that public school students take.

Q: What do I do when I arrive in the morning?

A: Between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., you come in through the front porch doors and enter the Day Room. School starts at 8:30 a.m. If you arrive after that, you come in through the lobby and let the receptionist know you are late and going to the first floor office. It’s important you arrive to school on time. You cannot leave campus during the school day, unless the school has been notified by a parent that you have an appointment.

Q: What can I wear to school?

A: Our dress code will be explained to you. Staff will announce when the dress code changes for the season. Do not wear any gang-related items. Clothing should not have words, pictures or symbols that are offensive, promote illegal activities, or drugs or alcohol use. Clothing should support a positive learning environment. LaSalle provides clothing for physical education. Don’t bringn expensive items or things of great sentimental value. Backpacks will have to be kept in your locker in the Day Room.

Q: What do I need to bring to school?

A: Most importantly you need to arrive on time and ready to learn! The teachers will provide you with the books and materials you need for each class. When you bring work home to complete or review, it’s important that you bring it back the next day. We provide breakfast and lunch and an after school snack, so you don’t need to bring any food to school. Some students have a long bus ride, and choose to have a music player, electronic devices or a hand held game to help pass the time. You will need to pace that in your locker as soon as you arrive to campus. You are not allowed to have cash, cell phones, pagers, music players, or other personal items with you when you go to classes. Of course, contraband (i.e., cigarettes, illegal substances, pocket knives, lighters) is never allowed and should never be brought to school.

Q: What if I have an appointment during the school day?

A: Your parent should notify the Day Service Student Coordinator when a medical, dental, or court-related appointment will necessitate you miss school. You’ll have to catch up with any school work you missed when you were out. Be sure to bring a note from your parent when you return. Attending school daily is important, as there is a lot to learn, and it sure helps when you are here every day.

Q; Can I go to Vo-Tech and attend LaSalle School?

A: It’s not unusual for a school district to enroll a student in a vo-techprogram for part of the day, depending on his grade level, and still have him attend LaSalle for academic subjects. That would be decided at your CSE meeting at your school district.

Q: Can I still play sports at my school if I come to LaSalle?

A: You’ll have to talk to your school district staff about that. Your parent or your Day Service Counselor can help you find out who to talk to about sports.

Q: Is there Summer School?

A: LaSalle does have Summer School for six weeks. Not every Day Student attends. Your school district discusses that when they prepare your IEP. You should ask your Counselor, who can find out if your school district has indicated that they included Summer School in your educational plan.

Q: What will happen when I misbehave?

A: Staff work hard to be sure you know the rules and expectations. They will remind you often and help you to make good choices. If you do misbehave, staff will address the issue in a way that keeps everyone safe, and work with you to figure out how to do better next time. Students earn rewards for good behaviors and consequences for misbehaviors. It is important you learn to act responsibly and to make good choices. We will help you with that!

Q: How long will I attend LaSalle School?

A: Our goal is to provide support and services which will prepare you to return to your home school district and succeed. Usually when you first arrive at LaSalle, you spend some time with staff identifying the behaviors, attitudes, and academic skills that need to improve before you can go back to your home school and do well. You, your parent, and the staff here work together to identify goals, and steps we’ll all take to help you progress while you are here. You’ll need to work on those goals every day. Some students are ready to return after one school year, and others take longer. Sometimes a student remains here until he graduates high school. Those decisions have to be made with your parent, your district staff, and your Day Service staff.