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Day Education for Youth in Grades 6 -12

This program, working in close cooperation with the student’s home school, targets the academic and behavioral problems which put his continued educational success at risk or jeopardize his ability to remain at home. Features of this program include:

  • Students live in their homes while enrolled in our campus based school, grades 6-12.
  • Students have access to a full range of therapeutic services.
  • Schedules are designed to meet individual educational needs.
  • Comprehensive clinical evaluations contribute valuable diagnostic information.
  • Small classroom settings offer intensive educational supports.
  • Before and after school extracurricular activities support enhanced student engagement.
  • Close communication keeps the family and placing agency informed of student progress.
  • Student and family receive ongoing support from the Day Service Counselor and Day Service Treatment Team.
  • Local students can continue to receive educational and clinical services as they transition from residential services to home.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and after school snacks are provided daily.
  • See the Educational Services program description for more information.

The highly individualized services available through Day Services are designed to remediate academic and behavioral problems while preparing the student to return to his home school district. See the Education Services insert for a more detailed description of the academic program.

LaSalle School does not discriminate in admissions and the provision of services and programs with respect to race, national origin, or religion.