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D. Troy Kennedy

Assistant to Associate Executive Director for Staff Development

Mr. Kennedy has been affiliated with LaSalle School since 1981, and on staff at LaSalle since 1996. He is currently the assistant to the associate executive director for staff development. He is one of a select few on LaSalle’s staff who returned to the agency to begin his career after having been a youth in the residential program.

Mr. Kennedy has served in a variety of positions with increasing responsibilities including child care worker, division manager, and residential supervisor. Currently, as LaSalle’s direct care trainer, the agency experienced a 75 percent reduction in physical restraints, which was acknowledged by both the Council on Accreditation (COA) and the NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).

Certified by Cornell University in therapeutic crisis intervention (TCI), Mr. Kennedy is certified to train in alcohol and other drug affects on youth, staff and student boundaries, and gang awareness. He serves on several committees, including the Restraint Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Safe Schools Committee for the Albany City School District as well as LaSalle’s Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports committee.

Mr. Kennedy delivers presentations on The Power of Conversation to parents of youth participating in LaSalle’s Evening Reporting Center (ERC), one of three sites with ERC’s participating in the Albany County sponsored Juvenile Family and Reporting Center, an alternative to detention program for Albany County youth. Kennedy focuses on strategies parents can use to communicate in positive and constructive ways with their children.

He is a graduate of the Lasallian Leadership Institute, now known as the Brother John Johnston Institute of Contemporary Lasallian Practice. This institute covers thematic areas including the Lasallian story, vision, and educational mission as well as social justice, spirituality, vocation, and collaboration – together and by association. Mr. Kennedy received a 2014 Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award from the District of Eastern North America, an establishment administering, operating, and educating in more than 30 Christian Brother ministries throughout the northeast.