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Honoring Dedicated Community Volunteers

The Mary G. Breslin Volunteer Service Award

Presented to individuals giving hope to those who have none, teaching by example with understanding, style, and grace, and seeing God in the faces of the needy and disadvantaged.

This event is an hour-long breakfast event and free of charge. It is held in the Hanner Chapel Cultural Center on the LaSalle School campus on or near the March birth date of Mrs. Breslin (deceased: 1/17/2005).

Award Recipients:

  • 2015: Bob McMahon
  • 2014: Mike D’Attilio
  • 2013: Ruth Pelham
  • 2012: Pat Tobin
  • 2011: W. Brian Barr, AFSC
  • 2010: Kenneth C. Skinner
  • 2009: Bartley J. ‘BJ’ Costello III
  • 2008: Mary Beth O’Brien
  • 2007: Rhea P. Clark
  • 2006: Robert Wolfgang