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ACEs Trauma and Response

TWCable Part 3: Teaching the Parents

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There are about 150 students at the LaSalle School in Albany, a residential treatment center for troubled boys. Almost all of them have experienced serious childhood trauma, and then acted out because of it. In parts one and two of Breaking the Cycle, Katie Eastman explained how LaSalle changed the question for these boys from “What did you do?” to “What happened to you?” Now (in Part 3 of the Breaking the Cycle series), they’re…

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First MARC meeting: We’re all in ACE resilience together

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On November 8th and 9th, representatives from all 14 localities selected for Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) met in Philadelphia, PA to meet and network with one another. Their goal was also to share their efforts for all those who have suffered from adverse childhood experiences including senior citizens, the disabled and those fighting chronic illness, and youth and families at risk. Representing the HEARTS initiative was MARC Project Leader University at Albany’s Heather Larkin,…

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