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Be a New Donor to LaSalle on Giving Tuesday


November 2016

Dear Supporter of Lasallian Education,

If you want to build anything of value that will be durable, invest in it! Select and purchase very strong materials. Assemble the very best experts to plan, design, build and maintain it in times of crisis. Sounds like we’re getting ready to build a house, doesn’t it? But we’re not.

Construction is an excellent metaphor for explaining what is needed for individual wellbeing. A stable well built house requires a sturdy base constructed with quality materials, walls erected with care and attention to ensure the structure will survive unpredictable weather events and disasters. Not just anyone can do this work. It requires many experts with different capabilities.

For our young people, LaSalle is not there when the first key decisions are made that will affect the course of their lives. Rather, LaSalle becomes involved when a youth has endured very serious damage and needs expert clinicians and practitioners to return them to health and equip them with strategies that will sustain them into the future. This is where you come in!

Our donors continually tell us how important it is for them to know how their contributions to LaSalle School are being used.As a potential new donor, we want you to know what they know. That their gifts to LaSalle’s Annual Appeal provide for the storms, and yes, even the dreams, that our young people and their families experience.

Your donation as a NEW ANNUAL APPEAL DONOR to this year’s Annual Appeal will help us to continue to do this important work.

Click here to make your donation to this year’s Appeal online!!!  Thank you!!!!

Robert Wolfgang, Chairman, Board of Trustees
Kevin Maney, President, Foundation Board of Directors
Bill Wolff, LaSalle School Executive Director